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Eric Yancey. Dauenhauer.

Proactive, pragmatic, personable, perceptive, problem-solver.


Eric Dauenhauer

An Ode to the Personal Website

This website exists, I can be sure,

because you requested its

contents, and a server responded with

this unique sequence of bits.

But if I stop and ask myself

“why is this site really here?”

I cannot fathom the origin,

except perhaps too much beer?

It also may be possible

this site is here because

Lifehacker tricked me into believing

owning a domain was all the buzz.

My first rendition of this site

was hosted by someone in flannel.

Their service was superb and I got

to play with my own cPanel!

But over time I found myself

tinkering with the server less and less.

It became clear that what I needed

was a static site, not express.

I would also be remiss to omit

the part this site once played,

in shaping my online identity

doing side projects, hoping to get paid.

But now I have a stable job and

what once was hosted here

has been moved to a wide range of profiles

in the inter-blog-web-sphere.

I no longer want to host a blog,

or code, or my resume,

and I cannot help but think I may

deprecate it all one day.

For the present, if you want,

you can catch a (small) glimpse of the past.

Checkout commit 4f8dc36

for some songs I like to blast.

I sometimes feel guilty for hosting

a site that is just a collection of links,

but then I check out Reddit

and realize “yep, most of the internet stinks.”

Though you may not know much more about me

than when you started reading,

I hope this poem offered something

to break up the day’s proceedings.

I wish I could say “come back soon!”

with any sincerity,

but the truth is (yep, you already guessed)

updates here are a rarity.

So for now, I bid adieu,

and leave you on your way.

May the internet treat you well,

if not always, at least today!