Hi 👋🏻 my name is Eric.

What's your name?

Oh that's right, this is just a website, you can't answer me 😬

Ok, well a little about me:

I am a code monkey 🤓 so you can find me lurking around GitHub

I am a social elite 🍸 so I'm active on LinkedIn.

If you don't know, LinkedIn is like if Myspace and a high school college counselor had a baby.

Recently I've been recording videos of myself playing keyboard 🎹 and posting them on YouTube. If you enjoy watching amateur musicianship, this channel is for you!

Sometimes I like to make generative art 🎨

I even wrote ✍🏻 a blog about it.

I post some of it on Instagram ✨ sometimes.

I try real hard at Twitter 🐤.

In fact, I even built a CLI for it! Check it out and become a Twitter power user 🦾

Oof 😟 I guess that's all there is to say