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eric y.d.

Hello, I'm Eric

Eric's face
Just a human with a passion for all things JavaScript, web accessibility, and well-tested software.

Find my work online

My work online is concentrated in just a few places. If you'd like to get in touch, you can skip to the Contact section.

Some of my projects

Copy Folder for Google Drive

A utility that will copy a folder in Google Drive. (Oddly, no native process for this exists.) Built with React and Google Apps Script (a JavaScript dialect that plugs in easily to the Google Drive API).

Key skills:
  • React
  • Google Drive API (via Google Apps Script)
Copy a folder!


A simple tool I built to keep track of my money. Built from scratch as a learning experience with a focus on best practices for single-page apps. Utilizes Svelte, MongoDB, and Express and is hosted at

Key skills:
  • Express
  • Svelte
  • MongoDB
Track that cash!

pa11y reporter

A reporter for pa11y, a wonderful tool to automate accessibility audits for websites

Key skills:
  • NodeJS
  • Pug
  • CSS
Audit yourself!

Line Art

A basic interface that uses math to make beautiful designs. Every shape starts with a circle and gets augmented based on parameters that can be generated, or adjusted by you! Play around a bit and see what you can make.

Key skills:
  • TypeScript
  • SCSS
Start drawing!

Get in touch

I provide my email address here with the confidence that it will not be abused. Necessary emails only, please